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Timberwolf Demo Rifle Sale

"The world's premiere rifle systems”

338 Lapua

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These rifles are being tested by the Canadian Military as one of the candidates to replace the C-3 308 SWS currently in use by the Canadian Armed Forces.  They will have a maximum of 400 rounds fired and will be refinished to new condition prior to delivery.

Detailed specifications and features can be found on the web at:
These rifles feature the following:

-PGW Timberwolf action with integral base (20 minute slope), 3 locking lugs, double ejectors, fully adjustable trigger, 3 position safe, field strippable bolt, cone breech, fluted bolt and oversize tactical handle.
-Titanium Cantilever monoblock bedding system.  Interlocking front and countersunk rear (four recoil lug points).
-Two five round magazines.
-26” KandP 338 match barrel with 1-10 twist and fluting.
-Muzzle brake.
-A4 stock with adjustable comb and butt.
-Desert Camo stock finish.
-Flat black metal finish.
-2 forward studs and one rear (reinforced).
-Deluxe Pelican hard case.
-Cleaning kit.
-Tool kit.

Cost:  $3800.00 USD (shipping and any applicable tax extra) ($4,890.00 regular)
Additional items available (please email for details):

-Schmidt and Bender 4-16X50mm optics (34mm tube)
-Drag bag
-LM Accuracy tactical rings

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