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LM Accuracy Tactical Rings
Prairie Gun Works is proud to be offering these products to our customers.  These are with-
out a doubt the strongest scope rings I have ever seen (and I have seen them all).

Features include:

-Two clamping bolts for affixing to the base (#10 Torx).
-six bolts on each ring cap for affixing scope (#8 Torx).
-Textron Camcar fasteners (aircraft grade type 8).
-Patented Arcor surface treatment for a hard durable black finish.
-1" width.
-Heat treated 4140 construction.

Available in the following heights:
.823  .885  1.000  1.250

Standard:  $235.00 CDN (approx. $155 USD)
High:  $255.00 CDN (approx. $168 USD)

Shipping and any applicable taxes extra.

custom scope mounts

We are happy to offer our stainless steel custom long range scope mounts
for the following actions:

Prairie Gun Works-ALL
Remington-700 series
Specials available as time allows

All of our bases incorporate 20 minutes of additional elevation adjustment
and are constructed out of stainless steel.  They are available in
Picatinny rail format only and will fit all of the currently available tactical
rings on the market including the Leupold MKIV and QD (lever) as
well as those from Badger Ordinance.

Price:  $150.00 USD

Top view

Side view


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