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About Us

Ross Spagrud/Owner-Prairie Gun Works test firing an LRT-3 50 cal.

Ross Spagrud is 35 years old and has been the owner of PGW since it's
inception in 1992.  An avid big game hunter Ross has taken Cape Buffalo,
Grizzly Bear and most North American Species of big game.  He also maintains
SCI and is proud to serve as a director in Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of
America, The Canadian Alliance and The Canadian Shooting Sports
Association.  Ross also is also responsible for all lathe operations at Prairie Gun

Stephen Altstadt/R&D Specialist/CAD designer

Steve is a successfull competetive shooter as well as a master machinist.  His well
thought out designs and unique machine set ups have garnered international attention.
Besides working in the firearms field Steve is a Journeyman Millwright and a highly
qualified CNC grinder operator.  Steve competes in benchrest, high power silhouette,
F Class, sniper, and 1000 yard BR.

Roxanne Spagrud/Office Manager (with Ethan born Nov.8th/01)

Roxanne is an avid outdoors person and has hunted in Africa.  She handles our
office duties as well as designing and making a line of Titanium Jewelry.
She is also an accredited intensive care unit nurse.

Eric Spagrud/Webmaster

Eric is 31/2 years old and  currently in charge of PGW web design.


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